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Housing systems / Organic farming (bio farming)

Organic farming

The main feature of organic or bio farming is its compliance with the strict EU legislation applicable to organic egg production, which is checked by Biokontroll Hungária Nonprofit Kft on an ongoing basis.

Instead of being forced to confinement in batteries, the hens are allowed to move around freely both within the building and on the nice green pastures around it. Staying outdoors during the day, they are free to scratch and feed on the green pastures.

The hens are not treated with antibiotics and must be fed on fodder free from pesticides, GMO, additives, colouring agents and proteins of animal origin.

They lay their eggs on top of the clean litter placed over nests in the spacious buildings.

This ensures that consumers will get fresh and healthy organic eggs rich in nutrients.

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  • 9073 Bőny-Szőlőhegy, Magyar str. 2.
  • GPS coordinates:
  • Latitude: 47.6652898", Longitude: 17.8262722"

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