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Farm Eggs with Vitamin E

Farm Eggs with Vitamin E

"...the secret of long lasting youth..."

In our busy world people tend to neglect their health and realise its value only when there is already some disorder. Although most of the adverse environmental factors (air pollution, radiation, stress) affecting humans cannot be prevented, we can contribute a lot to preserving our health and youth by shaping our own dietary habits.

It has been confirmed that, contrary to former erroneous views, the consumption of eggs (even in large quantities) will not increase blood cholesterol levels or contribute to the emergence of cardiovascular diseases. However, the various substances such as amino acids, unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins and trace elements contained in eggs are indispensable for the human body.

Farm Eggs with Vitamin E contain an elevated amount of vitamin E and selenium.
Thanks to the special feeding regime, when compared to average eggs, the yolk of Farm Eggs with Vitamin E contains 3-4 times more vitamin E and 1.5 times more selenium in a natural form which is readily digestible for the human body. A single Farm Egg with Vitamin E contains some 60-70% of the daily intake of vitamin E recommended for humans. Acting as efficient antioxidants, vitamin E and selenium are able to prevent and slow down the oxidative processes in the human body. As a result, they are able to delay the process of biological ageing in the body cells and contribute to preserving human health and youth. By binding to free radicals, vitamin E and selenium act as potent antioxidants and reduce the risk of tumours and the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases or neurologic disorders.

Smokers are particularly encouraged to consume foodstuffs of high vitamin E content as vitamin E provides a certain level of protection against the toxic substances present in cigarette smoke.

Pregnant women, elderly people, persons performing heavy physical work, sportsmen, convalescent patients, sportsmen, persons on weight loss diet or suffering from metabolic disorders are particularly encouraged to consume foodstuffs of high vitamin E content on a regular basis. Its regular consumption reduces blood pressure, so it is highly recommended for people with excess weight or exposed to elevated stress levels.

Farm Eggs with Vitamin E represent a revolutionary functional food product in Hungary. Regular checks are performed at an accredited laboratory to verify the vitamin E and selenium content of the product.

The domestic flock used for the production of Farm Eggs with Vitamin E consists of laying hens kept under non-stop veterinary supervision and free from salmonellosis. The mechanically graded and individually marked eggs are offered for sale in labelled boxes of individual design.

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