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Despite the old Hungarian saying (i.e. “they are identical like two eggs”), eggs are not identical at all. Actually, the content indicators and thus the physiological effects of eggs depend on such factors as feeding regime, housing technology and laying hen welfare. Egg is one of the most valuable and nutritionally complete sources of protein. Contrary to a formerly popular but incorrect and unscientific belief, eggs do not adversely impact the cholesterol levels of human blood. Furthermore, with an average price of HUF 600–800/kg, eggs are considered a cheap food.

At the time of purchase, it is advised not to open the trays covered with film top and not to touch the eggs placed in boxes or sold piecemeal. This practice must be especially avoided in the current epidemiological situation.

According to EU and national legislation regulating the distribution of table eggs, the first number of the egg code defines the housing technology.

0 – Table eggs originating from organic (bio) farming

1 – Free-range

2 – Alternative farming

3 – Battery cage housing

(The details of the various production methods can be found under the “Housing systems” menu item.)

Farm Tojás Kft aims at helping buyers find the complete national egg range at the supermarkets including our table eggs of special nutritional value. Thus, the consumers will have the option, depending on their needs and financial means, to choose the eggs of the desired quality, content indicators and production method.

Organic eggs are the most valuable ones produced through the observance of strict ecological production rules. As to animal-friendly production methods, free-range housing enables hens to feed and scratch on the green pastures around their buildings, while both the traditional deep-litter and the modern voliere housing systems allow them to move around freely inside their buildings.

Currently, the eggs laid by hens kept in battery cage systems (providing the smallest individual space per bird) still represent the largest share of eggs sold at shops and supermarkets. However, in line with the applicable EU legislation, these are already enriched cages designed to provide more space and equipped with perches, nest-boxes and claw-shortening devices.


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