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GMO-free Farm Eggs

GMO-free Farm Eggs

A GMO or genetically modified organism refers to any organism which has been genetically altered to produce a version which may appear in nature with very low probability or only on a very long evolutionary timescale. Plant breeders have been making efforts to enhance the beneficial traits of crops since the very beginning. Although breeding science became more and more focused in time, its substantial development started only in the second half of the 19th century. While the practice of traditional breeding is able to change the desired trait only over long years of experiments, the technique of genetic alteration can speed up this process and achieve, as a result, higher productivity and greater resistance in the case of cultivated crops.

There are rather different views about GM crops; certain countries (e.g. USA) favour their widespread use, while other countries limit or prohibit their cultivation but allow their application for the purpose of feeding animals (e.g. EU).

However, many people dislike the application of genetically modified foodstuffs or raw materials for various reasons.

Having these customers in mind, we have developed totally GMO-free eggs laid by hens whose feed contains no genetically modified components.

Soybean and maize, which are among the typical GM crops, are important components of hen feed. Only GMO-free components are mixed into hen feed when it comes to producing GMO-free farm eggs. In addition, neither the feed nor the drinking water is treated with antibiotics.

The egg analyses show no residues in the product. Kept in a separate building, these hens are not treated with antibiotics and they are given special feed consisting of naturally produced crops without making any genetic alteration with the purpose of achieving special traits.

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