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Introduction / Farm Tojás Kft.

Farm Tojás Kft.

Farm Tojás Kft.

Farm Tojás Kft, the parent company of the Farm Eggs Group, commenced its operation in 1987 when the raising of broiler chickens was started at the Bőny site. While the small business kept growing, the raising of broiler chickens was gradually shrinking and then it was fully replaced by table egg production. The company has been making investments on a continuous basis to keep pace with competitors and market requirements. Thanks to constant expansion efforts, the company keeps increasing its production capacities and modernising its processing operations, while placing a great emphasis also on product development and compliance with the applicable quality control and hygienic regulations. Its versatility is clearly proved by the fact that, apart from its egg producing and packing operations, it is also involved in trade and transportation.

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  • 9073 Bőny-Szőlőhegy 2.
  • GPS coordinates:
  • Latitude: 47.6652898", Longitude: 17.8262722"

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