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Extra Yellow Farm Eggs

Extra Yellow Farm Eggs

"...always beautiful colour..."

The main product feature is that, thanks to the special feeding, the yolk has a nice orange colour, just like the yolk of eggs laid by hens back at the time when they were allowed to scratch the ground around the owner’s family house.
When tested with the internationally applied and recognised Roche yolk colour fan, the yolk of average large-scale eggs shows only values between 9 and 11, while the yolk of our Extra Yellow Farm Eggs boasts readings from 12 to 14 on the 0-15 scale. This makes our eggs very attractive regardless of whether they are prepared as boiled eggs or fried eggs. These eggs are sold in various package types of individual design.
Separate rules are applicable to this product at the egg grading plant where it is submitted to strict quality control to ensure that only the freshest eggs will be included in this category. This arrangement guarantees that our customers will always get high quality, fresh and tested eggs free from salmonellosis at the department stores.

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