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Introduction / Egg-Land Kft.

Egg-Land Kft.

Egg-Land Kft.

Egg-Land Kft joined the Farm Eggs Group in 2002. The company operates 4 poultry farms with a total stock of 350,000–400,000 laying hens in West Hungary. The entire stock is used to produce table eggs for Farm Tojás Kft. The birds are raised and kept in a fully closed system. Apart from the battery system, the company is committed to alternative housing and, in line with this commitment, it has introduced modern voliere housing systems at its biggest site. This is in harmony with future market trends envisaging the gradual elimination of battery systems and complies with the most stringent animal welfare legislation of the EU.

By implementing vaccination and preventive programmes to keep the birds free from salmonellosis and under non-stop veterinary supervision, Egg-Land Kft aims at producing fresh and safe domestic products of good quality with modern equipment for its customers.

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For such purpose Farm Tojás Kft has introduced its own logo of “Hungarian Product” duly registered by the Hungarian Patent Office. This logo is gradually being used for products originating from the company’s own poultry sites located in Hungary.

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The Group has also created the trademark of “Animal-friendly Egg from Hungary”. This trademark may be used for Salmonella-free eggs produced at domestic sites operating with animal-friendly housing (not battery) systems and characterised with extremely high hygienic standards applicable to the production and handling of eggs.

As mentioned above, Egg-Land Kft places a major emphasis on its constant development efforts. After successfully applying for public and EU funds, the company implemented new manure storage and treatment arrangements at each of its sites by late 2009.

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