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Free-range Farm Eggs

Free-range Farm Eggs

Both merchants and consumers show an ever increasing demand for table eggs originating from animal-friendly production technologies, given that today’s buyers tend to consider not only price but other aspects as well.

In an effort to fill a multiannual gap, Farm Tojás Kft was the first to start the distribution of free-range eggs in Hungary. We are in constant expansion through the construction of new production sites.

Free-range housing means that hens are allowed to move around freely both within the building and on the nice green pastures around it. The pastures are covered with green vegetation providing the birds with nutrients.

The method of production must be marked on the eggs and that is why code 1 appears on free-range eggs at the time of distribution.

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  • 9073 Bőny-Szőlőhegy, Magyar str. 2.
  • GPS coordinates:
  • Latitude: 47.6652898", Longitude: 17.8262722"

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