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Organic Eggs

Organic Eggs

"...eggs laid by happy hens..."

The methods applied during organic egg production are designed to safeguard human health and the ecosystem as a whole.

Organic eggs must originate from controlled organic farming and comply with EU legislation applicable to organic egg production. Accordingly, instead of being forced to confinement in batteries, the hens are allowed to move around freely both within the building and on the nice green pastures around it. Furthermore, their feed is free from chemical (chemicals, additives, colouring agents), biological (animal protein) or synthetic materials and the birds are not treated with antibiotics.

Prevention is of utmost importance in the field of health protection. All hens are let out every day to feed and scratch freely on the green pastures (4 m2/hen). They lay their eggs on top of the clean litter placed over nests in the spacious buildings. The optimal impact of pastures on the birds is achieved through the application of a special grass seed mixture and alfalfa, constant rotation, irrigation and cutting (if necessary).

The feed given to hens must be manufactured from GMO-free organic ingredients produced under controlled operating conditions (certified organic farming). The availability of natural ventilation, perches, free outdoors movement, organic feed and grazing helps the birds become happy, healthy and good producers. Their adequate welfare is enhanced by such other factors as glass windows along both sides of the building, natural ventilation regulated with roof windows and large living space (6 hens/m2).

The eggs laid in the nests are manually collected and forwarded to the egg grading and packing plant several times every day. This ensures that the labelled 6-egg boxes of individual design will contain only clean and size M/L eggs.

Thanks to regular animal health checks, our flocks are free from salmonellosis and other poultry diseases.

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