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Farm Power

Farm Power

This product is distributed in bulk, 5/20-l bags and Big Bags.

Produced through controlled aerobic fermentation, Farm Power is a hygienic, germ/toxin-free and light-structured organic poultry manure of high agronomic value. The product is manufactured with modern equipment in a fully automated process. It has a high content of organic materials and macroelements (mostly P and K) and contains lots of Ca and Mg.

It can be applied to supply nutrients in arable crops, household farms, vineyards and pastures. Due to its high dry matter content (above 70%), the application of this product is easy either manually or mechanically.

Our large poultry stock is a guarantee for the uninterrupted supply of this product all through the year.

Approved by Biokontroll Hungária Nonprofit Kft, the product can also be used in organic farming. Please click here for more information.

Product data sheet can be downloaded from here.

Farm Power

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