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Farm Eggs treated against Salmonella

Farm Eggs treated against Salmonella

"...the safe eggs..."

The purpose of eggshell disinfection is to remove the eventual bacterial contamination found on eggs. Such bacterial contamination may reach the eggshell from outside sources (e.g. litter or housing microclimate) mostly after the phase of egg formation. Bacterial presence on the eggshell means no problem but the bacteria may enter the egg if the cuticle layer is damaged. Further sources of hazard may emerge when eggs are not washed before use and a piece of cracked eggshell contaminates the food or when the contamination is transferred by touching other foodstuffs.

Disinfection is particularly important under warm climate conditions as bacterial proliferation is facilitated by high temperatures during the period between May and September/October.

The raw material of Farm Eggs treated against Salmonella is produced strictly by laying hens vaccinated against salmonellosis. At the time of treatment, the eggshell will not come into contact with water or gas that may damage the cuticle layer (i.e. the main mechanical protection of eggs) and thus shorten the relevant shelf life.

Our method of using UV-C light represents the latest disinfection technology recognised in the EU for eggshell treatment. The surface of eggs laid by salmonellosis-free flocks is treated in our own egg grading plant. The UV-C disinfecting unit is installed in the inlet section of the egg grading machine. Rotating axially, eggs are forwarded by rollers to the disinfecting unit of the machine where they are exposed to intensive UV-C light levels (10mW/cm2). This range of ultraviolet radiation does not represent any risk to humans but it destroys microorganisms. As a result of the rotating movement of eggs, the entire shell surface is evenly treated with UV-C light with the aim of removing eventual bacterial contamination but not damaging the natural flora found on eggs. This treatment with UV-C light reduces the risk of cross-contamination to zero as the machine provides for the continuous disinfection of both eggs and forwarding rollers. In line with the applicable disinfection criteria, our technology reduces the number of eggshell pathogens by five orders of magnitude.
This product is marketed in different types of packaging. The 60/30-egg trays with perforated film top are designed primarily for kitchens and institutions, while the labelled 10-egg plastic boxes are offered mostly for private individuals.

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