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Deep-litter Farm Eggs

Deep-litter Farm Eggs

"...eggs from hens scratching on the ground..."

The popular movements launched for the protection of animals and environment all over the world and Europe have a beneficial impact on the way people think. We must boost up the efforts regarding animal and environment protection in order to provide a suitable living space for ourselves.
This was our guiding principle back in 2000 when we decided to start the marketing of Deep-litter Farm Eggs produced by free-range hens. These hens are not confined to batteries with small living space but allowed to move around freely within the deep-litter building. This is where hens can find feeders, drinkers and nests – they use the latter to lay their eggs in the morning. They are free to drink, eat, run or scratch on the ground any time. In addition, they can sit on the perches installed all over the place. As a result of their comfortable environment, all hens are happy, healthy and good producers.
The eggs laid in the nests are collected and forwarded to the egg grading plant every day. These eggs have beautiful yolk.
Thanks to the regular animal health checks and preventive programmes, our flocks are free from salmonellosis and other poultry diseases.

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